Pottery classes

Studio Upper Aughrim

Pottery & Woodturning

Adult Pottery Classes

Christien organises pottery classes for adults covering the following techniques:

  Working on the potters wheel
• Casting plaster moulds for personal tableware
• Creating items with clay slabs
• Coil building
• Painting with clay slip
• Various decorating possibilities such as scraffito, stamping and casting
• Glazing

Again the key element in class organization is individual preference - each participant working in his or her own area of interest and at his or her own pace.
For this reason the numbers are limited to 8 adults per class which also ensures a lively exchange of ideas and experiences.

Children’s Pottery Classes

Pottery courses and workshops cater for maximum of 12 children to allow for individual tuition and attention. This enables each child work at his or her own pace. In the pottery classes children learn to work with clay in various ways, for example slab building, casting in plaster moulds, coil building and painting with coloured clay. They also learn how to work with plaster: how to make it and how to decorate objects as attractively as possible. Most classes are specifically designed for 4 to 12-years olds, but classes for teenagers can be arranged.


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